Your Home Court Selling Advantage…
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Your Home Court Selling Advantage…

Your Home Court Selling Advantage…

Producing content stimulates relationships.

Psychologically it serves as an incubation

mechanism for people’s buying mood.


It helps to generate and put your prospects into

a positive frame of mind upon entry into

your sales funnel.


By producing content you are helping that person

to see you in the best possible light. Through

consistency you can make it much easier

to push them over the edge and give

your product or service a try.


With this being said…


Be careful not to go into salesman mode in your vlog or blog

posts. This will likely cause you to loose readership. While

copywriting techniques can and should still be utilized,

a direct sale is not the point of your blog posts.


That’s why it’s so key to bring people into your home court

by gaining further permission to keep in contact with them,

usually accomplished through email collection.


Most people aren’t necessarily eager give up their email

addresses however so you must provide the right

bait. Usually in the form of free reports, ebooks,

webinars and the likes. These “magnets” don’t have

to be free. Although they often are.


The education first model is behind many empires

you see today.


Final Thoughts…

At some point you will need to master your

traditional copywriting skills if you want

to maximize your true profit potential.


Time after time it has been proven that traditional

persuasion models in tandem with the traditional

content model provide the best ROI.


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