What is copywriting?: This shockingly silent “rainmaker” will dramatically boost sales virtually overnight!
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What is copywriting?: This shockingly silent “rainmaker” will dramatically boost sales virtually overnight!

What is copywriting?: This shockingly silent “rainmaker” will dramatically boost sales virtually overnight!

Ever watched a late night infomercial with a charismatic preacher selling holy water

and a cloth?


Ever checked out a brochure and immediately decide,

this is where you’re going for your next weekend

get away?


Ever looked at the product description from

your favorite online retailer?


Ever looked at a landing page, sales letter,

website or email?


Well if you have, these things were written by,

someone like me, a copywriter. Us

copywriters are the magicians behind the



Making it rain for every business you can imagine. Pretty

much transforming our ideas and words into cash.


These words are used to high jack people’s decision making process,

and compel them to buy your products or services.


Or maybe our skills are used to generate a lead, click

or opt in for your website.


Not to be confused however with content writing.


While content is often written by a copywriter it’s usually

written with a different purpose in mind.


Content is written with the purpose of educating your reader

and informing them of what your company is about

and has to offer.


In order to be an effective copywriter your understanding of human

nature must be solid. You have to know what makes

people tick.


You have to know what will make people take action,

not an easy thing.


This is what makes it such a valuable skill to

possess. If you yourself don’t possess it

you should learn it or hire someone who does.


Every company and business needs a copywriter…

The explosion of the internet has only multiplied that need.

Content is needed more and more in order for businesses

to stand out and claim their piece of the pie.

Here’s a few ways to know if you should hire a copywriter or not.

You excel with content but not copy.

Some business owners are good at producing content for their Instagram account but have no clue how to write a persuasive sales letter. If that’s you chances are you should hire a professional to do that part for you.

Writing isn’t your forte.

Let’s face it some people hate writing. Or simply aren’t that great at it. Now I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but copywriting is a learnable skill. In fact if you can write at a fourth grade reading level you can learn to write copy that sells. However if you find your eyes bleeding at the thought of sitting down to write a piece of content or a sales piece and it brings as much excitement as watching paint dry. Simply pony up and hire a professional.

There’s a lot of money on the table.                                                                                                          

 If you’ve just dumped your life savings or a considerable amount of money into a marketing campaign (which I don’t recommend if you haven’t tested the market) then now is not the time to experiment and see if you’ve got what it takes to write great copy. Hire someone with the expertise and time spent honing their craft.

You need a fresh pair of eyes.                                                                                                                     

Even though I believe the business owner has the knowledge needed to produce the best marketing. Sometimes you can be so close to something that you miss opportunities for better results. It’s hard to be objective about your baby/business. You think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and everyone else should already know this! What do you mean what are the benefits? Unfortunately your customers may not care about all those cool accolades like how your braces were voted #1 in the ADA magazine last month. All they want to know is if they can send their kid to school without being teased for being a metal mouth like they were when they were younger. Something that may not even be on your radar. Something a fresh pair of eyes may be able to detect. The very benefit you see as no big deal may be the very thing that attracts all your customers. This is why getting inside your current customers heads and understanding why they do business with you is so important. For tips like this and more join my newsletter where you’ll be kept up to date with each new article I post.

          Written by: Kelsey Henderson     Feb. 10, 2020


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