This explains why people love to buy, but hate being sold to…
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This explains why people love to buy, but hate being sold to…

This explains why people love to buy, but hate being sold to…

Doesn’t make any sense does it? The only way for someone

to buy something is for it to be sold to them, right?


Yes and no.


When someone takes the time to read one of my articles

and has a marketing or sales issue, I know they’re

looking for solutions.


Sometimes however their perceived want or need has

been manufactured by a revelation I’ve made

or posted about.


Either way people love to buy solutions to problems, your

job as an entrepreneur is to engineer the environment

in such a way that they’re comfortable doing so.


I’ll explain…


The point to educating your prospects isn’t to convince

a vegetarian why they should eat meat. It’s really

about establishing trust and eliminating doubt.


The three reasons people don’t buy is

  1. They’re not interested in what you’re selling.
  2. They can’t afford what you’re selling.
  3. They’re afraid of making a bad buying decision.

Fear and doubt are the silent deal killers always lurking

in the background. Prospects want to know; is this

really going to help me? Can I actually trust this



We’re conditioned from an early age to avoid making

mistakes. And most people hate making tough

decisions and frankly don’t trust themselves to

make the right one.


Our subconscious brains are wired to give us

“decision making shortcuts.


Given the thousands of seemingly tiny decisions we

have to make on a daily basis, without these

decision making shortcuts we’d never get

anything done.


With good copywriting skills you’ll be able to subtly tug

on people’s decision making triggers and encourage

them to take action.


Interestingly enough the very nature of content marketing

puts these triggers in the palm of your hands.

When used properly it does 50% of the work of

influencing people’s decisions for you.


Here’s a few ways your content establishes a great

environment for people to buy:


  • It creates buy in: The very nature of a prospect consuming your content is interactive. That investment of time builds compliance and increases their responsiveness to you. It also allows them to feel as if they made that decision on their own. Which creates a sense of ownership for them. Both of which are a crucial part of developing your relationship with them.
  • Demonstration: From the time people are 5 we are being conditioned to respect authority. The root word of authority is author. By authoring content you are demonstrating your authority and expertise on a subject and making it more likely for people to do business with you.
  • Repeat exposure: One of the main reasons people feel such an affinity of celebrities is because we’re exposed to them repeatedly throughout our entire lives. It makes us feel like we know them. A favorite celebrity can sometimes be in our lives more often than the people closest to us, simply through exposure. By publishing content regularly you can create a similar effect within your audience. Which will make it easier for them to buy from you.
  • The night club effect: Ever drive by a nightclub and see a line out front, around the corner? Ever noticed how even though the club next door has no line everyone gravitates towards the club that’s harder to get into, with the huge line out front? That’s the power of social proof. When visitors observe others consuming your content, your visitors will conclude that they should consume it too.


These are a few of the psychological triggers that’ll build the trust

your prospects need to feel in order to try your product or

service. There are plenty others that’ll work miracles when

it comes to putting money in your pockets.


Subscribe down below and learn a few of them.

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