There’s no such thing as an internet marketer…
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There’s no such thing as an internet marketer…

There’s no such thing as an internet marketer…

As we get to know each other a little better

I thought it’d be a good idea to tell you what

NOT to expect. 


If you’re looking for tips on how to be a great “internet marketer,”

it’d probably be better for you to look elsewhere. Although

you probably won’t find much that’s useful.


The internet marketer myth…

In most people’s mind an internet marketer is someone who is

a master of using social media channels or the internet to market

their businesses.

This person probably has a large twitter following or, maybe they’re

a master blogger. Or they’re nice with the Instagram and Linkedin



Let me tell you why this is hogwash. Someone calling themselves

an internet marketer or telemarketer would be just as silly as

someone saying they’re a billboard marketer. Or a fax machine

marketer. (Yes people used to market via fax machines)

Point is it’s nonsense.


Really what these beautiful souls are is confused marketers, who

just happen to use the internet as their communication channel.

It’s estimated that in the near future a large portion of marketing

will be done by voice. At that point I guess we’ll have a bunch of

“voice marketers” popping up.


Don’t be naive…

So please never refer to yourself as an internet marketer.

Further more you shouldn’t want to be. Because if the internet

disappears one day, or becomes less appealing, then so will

your business and you’ll be screwed.


As an entrepreneur you should always be utilizing

as many marketing channels as your business can

afford to use. And they should all be held ROI accountable.

Meaning if you notice you’re loosing more money than

you’re making stop using it, figure out how to fix

it and make more money or abandon it all together.


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