How to sell more by talking less…
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How to sell more by talking less…

How to sell more by talking less…

It’s a huge mistake to experience

advertising through the lens of the

average consumer, as an entrepreneur.


The average on looker views advertising as

pure entertainment. Major ad agencies pounce

on this by producing commercials and judging

their success through market share movement 3-12

months later.


Instead of with return on investment dollars.

Most commercials you see on t.v.

don’t sell anything and end up loosing



To draw inspiration for your own ads I

suggest using advertising with a

multimillion dollar profit producing track

record. Old school direct mail pieces are a

great place to start.


Collect winning ads


Swipe files are a god send for business

marketing campaigns. Swipe files are

collections of successful ads utilized in

order to swipe ideas from.


Swipes files provide a proven road map to

a sale, click, or subscription. The trick is to

adapt the motorcycle ad copy to the

audience buying your dental services.


Doing that requires an intimate

understanding of your particular audience

and their pain points, desires, doubts,

fears and worries. However there is a

learning curve.


This is where listening comes into play.


Most marketers use social media to run

their mouths. And I don’t blame them.

Never in history has it been easier to

interact with and engage your customers

and prospects.


I believe the real power though is in

market research. Fortunately technology

has made it infinitely easier to “listen” to

your prospects. All the way down to the

language they use.


If used properly these tools are a direct

roadmap to exactly what they want, how

they want it delivered and how to get

them to respond.



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