Excellence is not enough…
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Excellence is not enough…

Excellence is not enough…

I’ll start with a story. Last year

I took a trip to Los Angeles (el Segundo area to be exact) to visit a friend. While out there

I told her I wanted to grab some great Mexican food, because living on the east coast

the Mexican food isn’t that great. She immediately thought of a place she and

her girlfriends frequented often after work.

Apparently this restaurant  possessed a

fun atmosphere with great drinks and food to go along with it.

There was only one problem.

She couldn’t remember the name of it…


So, we ended up eating elsewhere.  See todays marketplace is highly competitive

and crowded. There are more options available, in every category,

then there are people to take advantage of those options.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, be it a dentist, chiropractor, accountant, lawyer,

Real estate agent ect…

Simply being excellent is not enough,

you must differentiate yourself with great marketing.

Here’s 5 tips you can use right now:

Tip Number 1: Make offers

Direct marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business.

Direct marketing is simply selling through media. Media all the way from direct

mail to twitter. As a promoter of your business your task is to make

direct response offers. It goes without saying, these offers should appeal and be

interesting to your target audience.

Many entrepreneurs hold conversations through media with their target audience, but

fail to make direct offers at the end. The equivalent of a great convo at the bar with the cutie across the room,

with no invite to a subsequent date night. I’d be willing to bet that even if you checked your own ads

you’d have what’s known as an implied offer.

Implied offers are ads that essentially say here’s who we are and here’s what we do, but fail to

solicit any action on the part of the reader.

Big mistake.

Always make offers.

Tip Number 2: Give clear instructions

Each marketing tool assembled should be a clear path leading prospects to decision and action.

Once a decision is made by the prospect you must

direct them to what you want them to do next, how to do it and what

will happen once they do.

From now on whether putting together a website, ad, flyer, email etc. include clear instructions. 

Never assume the person reading your ad will just figure it out. A classic example is the well known

Classified ad which read:

Corns gone in 7 days or money back guaranteed

Send money to…xxxxxx…

90%-95% of you are missing the send money to  portion at the end of

your ads.

Making the ad a total waste

of money and space.

-7 cool points for you…be good maybe

I’ll let you hire me for a lot of money to fix it.


Tip Number 3: Track and measure results

Intelligent marketing decisions require hard facts and good data. Monitoring the effectiveness of

every marketing channel, accurately assessing which ads are working,

which offer gets better response and which

campaign has momentum is essential. This type of tracking and measuring

provides accurate feedback of return on investment. You’ll know exactly

how each dollar is being spent, and if it’s worth it or not. Systems must be implemented to

capture the data you need.

Then you must analyze. Moving forward no

money should be spent without tracking ROI. 

Tip Number 4: Don’t make branding a priority

Giant companies in possession of venture capital and huge budgets,

have cause for traditional brand building. They have share holders

to impress, awards to win and bushel baskets of cash to blow. However as a business owner

betting and investing on yourself the focus should be on response and sales.

If your brand develops as a by product of this, excellent. But money should not be spent

exclusively on creating it.

Brand building is for people and companies with deep pockets and a lot of time.

Focus on response.

Tip Number 5: Have strong follow-up

If your business is called and an inquiry is made, that persons email, name, and address

should be collected with an offer at the end.

Newsletters are a great way to follow up and should be an integral part of a follow up sequence.

Knowing these simple hacks will definitely

change the way you look at boosting

profits and growing your business, but it’s not enough.

After all, if increasing profits were that easy everyone would have

a profit machine for a business.

Great business success rarely if ever trips and falls into your lap.

You must possess a clear plan and vision and execute.

To get more tips on how to do that

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Until next time,


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