Education First Business Model…
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Education First Business Model…

Education First Business Model…

Most business owners lead generation efforts don’t really work.  Around 80% of marketers are willing to admit the systems they put in place are only a little bit effective.

Even worse according to some marketing studies a wopping 80% of the leads generated never even

become customers. That’s a lot of money poof gone,

Down The Drain…

 According to forester research there’s a much more effective business model that 82% of your prospects will actually respond to.

You see most of your prospects need to see at least five pieces of content from you before they feel comfortable making a buying decision.

That’s why an education first business model is the best way to go. The beauty of it is that with an education first model you can create your marketing once and use it over and over again for literally decades.

However this includes more than just having a blog and

Publishing Articles…

I must admit, consistently publishing articles and blogs has generated leads for me and even

landed me a few interview requests from people with bigger platforms than mine. However it happens randomly.

Which is why I also have an education first model in place that allows me generate leads consistently.

this not only produces a steady flow of the right leads for my business, but also helps me keep them long term.

The key behind it’s effectiveness is that you’re providing value long before you ask for money.

Which brings people directly to you ready to buy.

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