Do this and people will obsess over your business…
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Do this and people will obsess over your business…

Do this and people will obsess over your business…

The average person today is a headline reader. When

you craft one it becomes your first and maybe even

the only impression you get to make on your



If your headline, YouTube or Instagram title doesn’t transform a

casual observer into a dedicated consumer of your

content, your post is dead in the water.


The benefits of a great headline go farther than just

it’s ability to command attention. With a compelling

headline you can convey a full message to your

target market.


In a nutshell the headline is your promise of a benefit,

to the consumers of your content in exchange for

their valuable time.


In the Ultimate Sales Letter Dan Kennedy, gives a few

time tested fill in the blank formulas for crafting

eyeball grabbing headlines that compel action

and boost sales:


  • They didn’t think I could ____ but I did:  This type of headline touches on basic human psychology which includes rooting for the underdog. This is why stories like Rocky never get old to us. The hero who overcame obstacles along with the ridicule and doubt of others and still succeeded in the end. Most people have doubts and insecurities so it’s easy for them to relate.
  • How to: These two words are the two most powerful words you can use in a headline. They’re straight forward and go great with any intended benefit to your audience. One blockbuster example being “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”
  • Give me ____ and I’ll ____: According to Kennedy this sort of headline simplifies and clarifies your offer to an audience. If you have a good one then this may be the best go to headline for you to utilize.


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