Beyonce, Target And Your Customers…
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Beyonce, Target And Your Customers…

Beyonce, Target And Your Customers…

As a fan of Beyonce, I think one of the coolest things about her is how down to earth she is.

Although she doesn’t do interviews much anymore. She’s been seen several times talking

to adoring fans, kissing babies and the like.


Now obviously she’s a busy woman and can’t please or stop for everyone that holds her in

high regard but hey,


That’s Life…


A few years back there was a video of her spotted shopping at Target (gasp, the crime!)

For some reason this made the news and had the blog sites a blaze. I guess there’s an

unwritten rule that wealthy celebrities aren’t suppose to shop for deals.


The publics reaction reminded me of most entrepreneurs I come across.


For some odd reason they believe that their customers are some how different

or more sophisticated than other people. That the marketing and sales tactics

they see being used in one industry won’t work on “their customers.”


And it’s a huge blunder. Or ever better yet are the people who say that stuff

doesn’t work on me. When I can almost guarantee they probably could have

a room dedicated to all the stuff they’ve bought that they didn’t plan on buying.


This type of thinking is counter productive and will cause your brain to shut

down, when coming across marketing information that could be useful and helpful

towards the achievement of your business goals.


Very rarely do I ever speak with a business owner who is using every possible thing

at their disposal to get customers. Often times because they hold the very

limiting belief that the information they come across somehow doesn’t

apply to them or their group of customers.


People are people period. No matter what section of town they’re from, they have the

same drives, concerns, fears and worries.


Getting this through your head can keep you from loosing a lot of money.

And missing opportunities to make more.

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