A Gambling Secret To Lasting Success…
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A Gambling Secret To Lasting Success…

A Gambling Secret To Lasting Success…

When’s the last time you gambled?

As we all know odds of beating the house are slim

to none

Despite this 2019 brought in about $119 billion (a 3% increase)

for the casino industry.

If you remember the movie casino Sam Rothstein was the genius

casino manager.

Who was a master at tipping the odds in favor of the house.

This Got Me Thinking…

Is there a way to “rig” the game of life in our favor so

we win majority of the time, like the house?

The answer is yes…

Habits… The life you live today is the result of your habits

not intellect

According to cognitive neuroscientist 95% of our behavior and decisions

are unconscious habits.

Most New Years resolutions are abandoned before the month of January


In order to “rig” the game of life in your favor you have to develop habits

that support the out come you want!

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